All the quality of traditional sweets. Beer Pasties, Cream Puffs, Golden King Cake, and others.


Marquês de Pombal Patisserie

The Marquês de Pombal Patisserie, located on Av. da Liberdade in Lisbon, opened its doors in 1996 to provide demanding customers with high-quality products.

Specialized in baking refined and traditional confectionery, it has various specialities!

From its renowned Golden King Cake, made from a wonderful airy dough with different dried fruits and covered with delicious egg threads, to Beer Pies, Almond Delights, Fruit and Caramel "Suspirones", Chocolate Cakes (with Nuts and "Brigadeiro"), various freshly-baked pastries, a wide range of assorted pastries, and much more.

You're invited to visit our shop and taste our excellent pastries!


Marquês de Pombal

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